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To purchase a medicine is a very easy task and it can be done by visiting a medical store. You will be able to buy different medicines made by different pharmaceutical companies from there. Some medicines have same chemical composition but they are sold under different trade names. If you are one of those people who are facing difficulty to buy a medicine from the required name, then they can ask chemist by its chemical formula. Besides this, some medicines are also sold with their generic name because generic name is usually used by professional chemists and doctors. Same is the case with Viagra that is sold with different names. Viagra comes in the form of tablets and has different doses. The doses capacities of Viagra are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. These three doses are always recommended by the doctor according to the health of patient.

Use of Viagra is generally for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but there are also other health problems which are treated with the help of Viagra. A specific dose plan is prescribed by the doctor for each type of health problem so it is very necessary for the user to use Viagra according to the given prescription. Let us discuss about the pharmacokinetic date of Viagra. Its bioavailability is 40% and the half life is 3 to 4 hours. The use of Viagra is specified in certain health conditions. If the patient is not in a condition to use Viagra, then any other treatment is suggested by the doctor. Sometimes doctors suggest the use of Levitra or Cialis if Viagra cannot do its work in an effective way.

Before using the Viagra, you must know the limitations of its use because without knowing it, you may increase the severity of side effects. There are some limitations

• Avoid the use of nitrates when you are taking Viagra for erectile dysfunction treatment.

• Let the doctor know about your recent health issues and the medicines which you are using.

• Let the doctor know if you have any allergic problem

These are some of those points which should be considered by a user of Viagra. Medicines which you are currently taking for the treatment of health problems can greatly reduce the activity of Viagra. In such circumstances, doctors prefer to change the dose plan of all medicines which are in your use.



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