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To purchase a medicine is a very easy task and it can be done by visiting a medical store. You will be able to buy different medicines made by different pharmaceutical companies from there. Some medicines have same chemical composition but they are sold under different trade names. If you are one of those people who are facing difficulty to buy a medicine from the required name, then they can ask chemist by its chemical formula. Besides this, some medicines are also sold with their generic name because generic name is usually used by professional chemists and doctors. Same is the case with Viagra that is sold with different names. Viagra comes in the form of tablets and has different doses. The doses capacities of Viagra are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. These three doses are always recommended by the doctor according to the health of patient.

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Use of Viagra is generally for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but there are also other health problems which are treated with the help of Viagra. A specific dose plan is prescribed by the doctor for each type of health problem so it is very necessary for the user to use Viagra according to the given prescription. Let us discuss about the pharmacokinetic date of Viagra. Its bioavailability is 40% and the half life is 3 to 4 hours. The use of Viagra is specified in certain health conditions. If the patient is not in a condition to use Viagra, then any other treatment is suggested by the doctor. Sometimes doctors suggest the use of Levitra or Cialis if Viagra cannot do its work in an effective way.

Before using the Viagra, you must know the limitations of its use because without knowing it, you may increase the severity of side effects. There are some limitations

  • Avoid the use of nitrates when you are taking Viagra for erectile dysfunction treatment.
  • Let the doctor know about your recent health issues and the medicines which you are using.
  • Let the doctor know if you have any allergic problem

These are some of those points which should be considered by a user of Viagra. Medicines which you are currently taking for the treatment of health problems can greatly reduce the activity of Viagra. In such circumstances, doctors prefer to change the dose plan of all medicines which are in your use.

Packet of Viagra 100 mg Tablets
Packet of Viagra 100 mg Tablets

A General Overview of Viagra

There are different trade names of Viagra. In most of the countries it is sold under the name of Sildenafil. This is basically the medication which is prescribed by most of the physicians for the treatment of the problems related to pulmonary and arterial abnormalities. Moreover it is also prescribed for the persons who have a problem of erectile dysfunction. Mainly it is found to be effective in case of the pulmonary as well as arterial hypertension and other issues related to that. As far as the treatment of sexual dysfunction is concerned, it has been found that this medicine is not effective for females.

In most of the cases, the effectiveness of Viagra for men has been demonstrated in treatment of the erectile dysfunction.

How to Increase the Efficiency of Viagra

Sufferers of ED or erectile dysfunction have been praising the creation of Viagra for years now. However, there are a few out there that have not gotten the satisfactory results they were looking for. In order to ensure the best results possible, this article will try to show you how to increase the efficiency of the drug in few simple ways.


Firstly, lets get this particular notion out of the way, shall we? Viagra is NOT a wonder drug. It is NOT an aphrodisiac. It will NOT going to turn you into a lothario like Casanova. It is not a magical pill that will do wonders for your sexual life in a blink of an eye despite so many claims made to that notion.

What Viagra is in reality, is it is a medication. A medication to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction and who wish to have fulfilling sexual lives…It does not claim to be a cure to the problem but it will help with symptoms.

Now, Viagra increases the blood flow to the penis which ensures the person taking it to get an erection. However, this is a response to which the person has which is sexual arousal. If person is not sexual excited or aroused at any point after taking Viagra, then the drug will not work. It’s as simple as that. Therefore, in order to get the best chance of it working, sexual stimulation are important. These include:

  • Foreplay
  • Kissing
  • Caressing

Try and try until you succeed, right? This saying goes also when it comes to Viagra and your sexual activities. Erectile dysfunction is like any other medical problem and it should be treated as one. It is something that men should be fighting against instead of being ashamed about. Being relentless means that you have to several things:

  • Prepared physically
  • Prepared emotionally
  • Prepared spiritually
Food and/or Alcohol

Though the manufacturers of Viagra have claimed that their product works even with or without food or alcohol, in order to get the best of results, it is best to take it on an empty stomach or after a low-fat meal. Foods that contain a lot of fat and oil could prevent you from having the best outcome when using Viagra and you will not get the highest efficiency when it comes to it.

Dosage of Viagra

And lastly, dosage. Viagra comes in several doses:

  • 25 mg
  • 50 mg
  • 100 mg

It all depends on what the doctor prescribes of course in which the doctor accounts for several factors in the patient with ED:

  • Age
  • Health condition
  • Chronic diseases
  • Past medical history
  • Nature and symptoms of the ED

Each case is different and depending on the person, it will dictate how much of a dose can the person take if at all. Sometimes, because of a person’s health, he will not be allowed to take Viagra as this could complicate their condition further. Some cases would be if a person had a pre-existing heart condition for instance. A doctor would not be likely to prescribe Viagra if that were the case.

7 Questions Related To Viagra Most Of Them Wanted An Answer To!

The diamond shaped blue colored pill is one of the most recommended products for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. This drug is consumed by millions of men every year. And despite this fact, few people actually know about the facts related to Viagra. The reason for this is, people are embarrassed to ask this question or seek medical attention. Let’s try to get answers to few common question asked related to Viagra.

Why Do Individuals Use Viagra?

Viagra was a drug which was designed to treat hypertension and cardiovascular condition. However, this drug failed and while trails were conducted, scientists recognized that this drug gave erections in case of men. Thanks to this finding, the drug got further trailed for sexual dysfunction in men and has been used ever since for the same.

Viagra which works as a vasodilator dilates or opens the blood vessels through the use of chemical PDE-5 which allows for more amount of blood to flow to the penis and other organs of the body. Thus, the problem of erectile dysfunction is addressed in case of men who are over 40 years of age. It should be noted that Viagra is not just used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It is also used for addressing the issue of high blood pressure in children, adults and even babies in some cases.

Who are the Users of Viagra?

The majority of the users of Viagra are men who fall in the age group of 40 to 70 years as they are the ones who are affected with the issue of erectile dysfunction. Apart from them, Viagra has been used by younger men for recreational purposes. Lastly, the usage of Viagra is rising amongst men who are popping the pill on a casual basis to improve their erection after consuming alcoholic drinks.

Can Women consume Viagra?

Viagra as a drug does improve the flow of blood to the genitals in case of women. This improved flow does increase the sensation & lubrication but in no way does it induce any form of arousal or increased sexual desire in women. So consumption of Viagra in women is not useful on the whole.

Does Viagra Work?

Like any other medicine, Viagra may not solve the issue of erectile dysfunction in all the men, but majority of them will find a solution to their problem. Viagra improves the duration and the quality of the erection as it allows the blood to flow more freely in the blood vessels.

What are the Side Effects of Viagra?

The common side effects for Viagra include-

  • Abnormal vision
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Flushing
  • Muscle pain
  • Stomach upsets
  • Nausea

The serious side effects for Viagra are sudden loss of hearing or vision and priapism (A condition where the penile erection stays for more than 4 hours)

Where Can a Viagra be purchased?

Viagra, with the help of a proper prescription, can be purchased at any retail outlet. This drug can also be purchased online on the online pharmacies. However, care needs to be taken when the drug is purchased online.

What does Viagra Cost?

In the United States, Viagra can be purchased from the neighbourhood shop for $4 to $5 per pill. This medicine comes in the strength of 25, 50 and 100 mg, with each pack containing 8 to 24 pills.


Thus, Viagra usage has reformed the pharmaceutical industry with millions of men taking the drug per year. And despite having access to most information, most people lack knowledge about the usage of this medicine. Care needs to be taken while consuming this medicine and one should only consume the dosage recommended by the doctor.

A Short Description of Impotence, Its Causes, Presentation and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to initiate and maintain penile erection during sexual intercourse. It is a common male reproductive disorder affecting millions of men around the world. It is estimated that as much 18 million US citizens suffer from this condition.

Impotence is usually common in older men. The symptoms start showing past the age of 40 years and keep getting worse with age especially if no intervention is put in place. In fact, it is believed that up to half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 years suffer from this embarrassing and distressing condition.

What Causes Impotence

So many things can go wrong in the reproductive system and the brain to cause impotence. Thus, the causes of erectile dysfunction can be categorized as physical and psychological (mental).

Physical Causes

Erection is determined by blood flow to the penile tissue and certain hormones. Thus, anything that interferes with the balance of these hormones or blood flow interferes with erection. The commonest physical causes are narrowing of blood vessels supplying the penis as may occur in hypertension, diabetes or atherosclerosis.

Hormonal imbalance resulting from endocrine problems may also cause erectile dysfunction. This is because the process of erection is stimulated by spike in the levels of the male hormone and its metabolites. The most common cause of hormonal imbalance is a condition known as hypogonadism.

The final physical cause of impotence is trauma to the penile tissue. Trauma to the penis can result from surgical procedures involving the external genitalia or an accident involving that region such as falling with legs apart.

Mental Causes
Mental or Psychological Causes

Sex is dependent on psychology and so if their anything that interferes with mental acuity then it will also cause erection problems. The most implicated mental problems that can cause erectile dysfunction include depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Impotence can actually exacerbate the mental problem and vice versa creating a vicious cycle.

Relationship problems among sexual partners are another important cause of sexual dysfunction. Issues such as constant quarrels, dwindling romance and love as well as socioeconomic problems can interfere with the mental status of a man and therefore ability to perform sexually.

How Does Impotence Manifest

The main manifestation of impotence is inability to achieve adequate erection during sexual intercourse. Even if a man can get an erection during masturbation and early in the morning, if this cannot happen when he is with his sexual partner, it is still considered erectile dysfunction. This should be differentiated from premature ejaculation where an erection can be achieved but the process of arousal and orgasm occur too fast.


While many people are too embarrassed to discuss this issue, the best way to address it is to get to the root cause and eliminate it. For the physical and psychological causes, treatment of the underlying condition generally corrects the problem. Specialists will advise you on the right form of treatment to go for.

For example, mental causes can be treated by cognitive behavior therapy and use of antidepressant and anxiolytic medications in severe cases of depression and anxiety. Hypertension, atherosclerosis and diabetes can be treated by relevant medications as well as proper weight management.

Sildenafil Enables The Impotent Person To Have Sex


Every person has some kind of work which he does in his leisure time. Since the daily routine of people has become so much busy so they usually find leisure time in the end of the week. Different people have different hobbies but you will find many people who love to read books related to medical field. Some people have keen interest in medical field so they try to find out the solutions of those health problems which have become very common in people. Some of the people also visit libraries for this purpose. Such people should consider the importance of their own health. They should prohibit the application of their medical knowledge in treating their health diseases. This self treatment may be very severe for their health. Professional doctors highly recommend such persons to ask for proper treatment. Doctors are always available for their treatment in the best way. They have the better knowledge about the medical field so they can tell better if one medicine is useful for treatment or not.

Those medicines are also sold in markets which are the first choice of every doctor. Sildenafil is one of such medicines that are considered very effective for erectile dysfunction treatment. There are many things which make it different from other medicines. The best thing about the use of Sildenafil is its ability to give long erection at affordable rate. This medicine is prescribed to that person who is unable to get penis erection before sexual intercourse. Such people are called impotent due to their inactivity of getting penile erection. Penile erection has a great importance in sexual activity. The male cannot think to have sex with his partner without getting enough erection. The male always want to satisfy the sexual need of a woman and a prolong erection is necessary for this purpose. The use of Sildenafil increases the time period of erected penis and in such a way enable the impotent person to have sex.

Most of the doctors give some good piece of advices before recommending the patient to use Sildenafil. According to the professional doctors, every user should have the knowledge about these things.

  • The regular use of Sildenafil cannot keeps a person save from having those diseases which are caused by sexual intercourse.
  • Nitrates are good for the treatment of heart disease and chest pain. You should tell your doctor if you are already taking nitrates because Sildenafil can be harmful for health if it is used with nitrates.
  • Sildenafil can maintain your erection more than 4 hours. In this case, you must report your family doctor because it may be the stage of Priapism in which the erection of penis does not disappear.

Sildenafil side effects are upset stomach, headache, abdominal problem, heart disease, bluish vision and blurred vision. Some of them are common side effects while some are less common side effects. These things are very necessary to know about Sildenafil. You can take more information about Sildenafil from internet.

Can Viagra become a Genuine Drug for treating Cardiac Issue?

If we turned the pages of history a little bit back and keep an eye on the early 90s, you might realize that the entire erectile dysfunction industry is a result of a calculative error. This huge multibillion dollar industry has been established on the mere appearance of a side effect of a drug which was invented to cure the cardio vascular diseases.

Cardiovascular Diseases

In this article, we will be talking about the wonder drug which we know by the name of Viagra and its utility in treating both ED and other cardiac issues.

Everyone knows about the drug Viagra and its side effects and its working, but not many of them know what are the restrictions on the individuals who wish to consume the medication of Viagra. One of the most important thing which must be kept in mind if you are about to use a medication regimen of Viagra is that you should never combine Viagra or any erectile dysfunction drugs along with medicines which have concentrated amounts of nitric oxides. These nitric oxides concentrates are found in the drugs which are used to treat the symptoms of various cardio vascular diseases.

Basically, the origin of the cardiac issues as well as the erectile dysfunction is basically the same. Both are a result of the blockage of the arteries and blood vessels of respective body parts. In case of heart seizures, the arteries and veins near the heart tends to contract, as a result of which the flow of stream of the blood to the heart gets disrupted. Due to this reason, blood cannot flow to the different body parts and also losses its ability to carry oxygen to all the parts of the body, resulting to the inappropriate pumping procedure of the heart. This results to the heart getting extremely rigid and thus, one experiences diseases such as heart attacks, pulmonary arterial hypertension, higher blood pressure and a lot more.

Erectile Dysfunction, too, has a similar background as its inception. Basically, this occurs due to the contraction of the arteries and blood vessels in the vicinity of the pelvic region and thus, blood ceases to flow to the penile shaft of a person. Due to the lack of the blood and the oxygen which it carries, one becomes unable to get an erection, and more importantly, loses the ability to hold it long enough for having a good sexual act.

Although, both the cardio vascular ailments and erectile dysfunction have common roots, yet, it is strictly advised that if a person is consuming the medicines of heart issues or is on a medical regimen of cardiac ailments, he should never consume or even think of having an erectile dysfunction drug to cure his erectile problems. In that case, he should consult his doctor, and look for a procedure other than the medications for erectile dysfunctions.

But, on the other hand, a senior cardiologist at the reputed organization of University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Prevention Dr. August Stephens has reported that, in the near future, Viagra or any other erectile dysfunction will act as a very common medication, just like the way we use the aspirin. It is so because the ED drugs tend to unwind the blood vessels of the entire body and not only the pelvic region, and this is the ideal condition which should be present in a medicine used to treat a cardiac issue.


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