Does Excess Weight Have Any Effect On Your Sex Life?

Erectile dysfunction is one of those common chronic conditions which most men face. According to estimates, 18 million men who are older than 20 years of age experience this problem. Different men experience different kind of erectile dysfunction, but most of them suffer from the incapability to achieve the erection or maintain it for enough sexual penetration. And though erectile dysfunction can be caused due to several reasons, even psychological for the matter, one of the prime reasons which cause erectile dysfunction is obesity. According to numbers, obese men up their risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction by almost 2.5 times more, to their normally weighted counterparts.

Erectile Dysfunction and Obesity

The connection between Obesity & Erectile Dysfunction

Weight gain affects sex life in two ways. First, it predisposes one to all kinds of cardiovascular conditions right from atherosclerosis, which basically involves deposition ofcholesterol on the blood vessel walls such that the flow of the blood to the vital organ gets affected (also includes the penis). Second, obese men produce less amount of testosterone as compared to their normal weighted counterparts and this hormone is absolutely crucial for the sexual functioning. This hormone is crucial as it releases nitric oxide which works for dilating the blood vessel and the absence of this chemical affects the sexual stimulation and hence results in erectile dysfunction.

The connection between the health of the heart and sexual well-being is quite deep. It has been observed that those men, who suffer from erectile dysfunction, might also suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease. In fact research suggests that those men who had experienced some form of coronary heart disease had shown signs of erectile dysfunction a good two to three years prior to developing the disease. Simply put, erectile dysfunction can actually give cues to suffering from some form of heart disease.

Apart from this, obesity causes a decrease in the testosterone levels. Due to the decrease in the amount of hormone being produced by the body, one might experience a depressed mood, low libido & decreased energy. And these psychological factors further contribute to the cause of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Solution to deal with obesity and how it can improve your sex life

Through research it has been observed that those who lose weight experience a better sexual life in almost one third of the cases. And though this idea of losing weight may seem like a herculean task, all one needs to do is to exercise regularly and to keep a check on how much and what they eat. Even if one tries to lose around 1-2 pounds a week, it is a commendable effort. One should avoid all form of junk food and should focus on nutrients, proteins and vitamins. One can have those salad lunches or sprouts, but ditch carb heavy or fatty foods. One should eat their food in small batches and not all in one go. Also they need to indulge in physical trainings and activities which will help them shed the needless fat. And a half an hour of intense training would as well work just fine.


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