Homework For Parents

Raising children or parenting is not an easy job. It is not only about keeping awake at night and worrying about the children or providing for them and looking after their needs. Parent’s have an important duty to imbibe the right value systems and help build the character of the children. The thought process and the decisions that the children take later on in their life is dependent upon their value systems that they have grown up with and these value systems and thought process guide them all through their life. Parents will not live forever but the values they pass on to the children live on forever with the children.

How many parents in the present times are really thoughtful of how to raise their children? Most often we find parents busy pursuing their careers and money than worrying about and checking out on how their children are growing up. Children today are given the latest gadgets to play with. Children too are busy with their own schedule and family time is often spent holidaying, travelling or catching up with movies, shopping etc.


Pre teens is perhaps one of the most sensitive period in the life of every child as well as the parents. With onset of puberty, the youth faces a lot of physical as well as psychological changes as well as challenges. Hormones can play havoc with the children in terms of their thinking as well as behavior. It is natural that they become attracted and interested in sex. This is but a very natural process. However understanding all about sex and love as well as knowing the difference between sex and love is very important at this point of time. It is for the parents to explain to the children and guide them on seeking love in place of sex. Every youth is likely to fall in love with girls easily. This is a natural phase of infatuation. The physical passion and drive often leads to thinking that one is in love. Many boys and girls at this stage tend to believe that they are in love and thus engage in the relationship that is driven by physical passion. It does not take very long for the passion to run dry and they begin to wake up to the reality that they do not like each other’s personality and breakup. Any breakup of relationship is taxing on the individuals who are involved. Be it true love or infatuation, the feelings are hurt on both sides. Unhappiness and distress is the result of such relationships that are not based on love. Unhappy incidences and relationships do influence the psyche of the youth at this impressionable age and influence their opinions and mindset which could mar their personalities.

Therefore it is important for parents to educate their children not only about sex and health, but about the need to wait and find true love before embarking on the journey of romance. Children who grow up seeing the love and respect that their parents give one another are likely to believe firmly in the concept of love and pursue a safe course in their life.


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