Is Society Evolving?

Though we have made rapid strides in the material wealth and standard of living, our moral, emotional as well as social standard of living is declining at a faster pace. This is true in all countries. Depending upon the developmental stage of the nation, societies go through different stages of evolution. Under developed and developing countries are struggling with problems related to lower income, lack of access to education, health services, mal nutrition as well as rampant health and epidemics problems. The developed countries on the other hand are going through a totally different phase. With the urban economies we are witnessing changes in the thinking and living pattern of individuals who are economically independent. People today believe in living for themselves. Every individual be it the man or the woman first takes into account his or her priority over that of the family, spouse and children. There is also the concept of free sex and freedom in relationships that is causing more and more divorces and broken families. Sociologists also believe that the lack of faith in religion and loosening social structure is paving way to the modern day ills faced by people.

Anxiety in Women and Men

Men and women are rich but poor in their happiness and peace quotient. Generally we find people suffering from stress, anxiety, nervousness as well as from psychosomatic disorders. Loneliness is perhaps of the most commonly found problems amongst the urban dwellers. The breaking down of the society structure and the newfound individual freedom has taken its toll on the sexual health of the individuals too. We have begun to think of sex purely as biological need and one that is fulfilled just like hunger or thirst. This thought process gives rise to every individual looking for gratification in terms of physical need with or without relationship. Human beings are essentially social animals and need to be loved and in relationship. Man or Woman is happy only when they are in a meaningful partnership or relationship. Family and home have a lot of significance to every individual. However the concept of free sex and free life is detrimental to the wellbeing not only of the adults but effects the children too.

Children need to be nurtured, cared for and provided for by the parents. Home and parents as well as the emotional security of the family is the foundation on which the child builds his self esteem and character. The actions of the adults affects the children too. More and more children are facing sexual abuse, going through trauma, being orphaned or physically abused etc. It is shocking but true that in many cases the perpetrators of crime against children happen to be the close relatives, known persons or even parents themselves. Such children who are traumatized are likely to grow up with dents in their thinking and personality unless and until they undergo rehabilitation and extensive counseling. These children need to be provided with extensive sexual health management as well as relationship management knowledge in order to grow up as well rounded personalities. Such efforts needs specially trained professionals working in the society as a part of the community welfare in tandem with educational institutions.

Does all of the above amount to development and progress of humanity? Let us hope that this is a transitional phase and society will soon evolve into a new and safe order that augers well for everybody and especially the children who are the future.


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